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Member Updates: Spotlight on Dallas Featured

Feb 09 2024 Be the first to comment!

It was great to connect at Grand Lux Cafe with ARCO alums. Carolyn Hunter Hale was celebrating her birthday that night, and it was an opportunity for her to connect with friends including Debra Tedder and Jack Brooks. ARCO colleagues who are employed include Jack Brooks who is at the new State Farm City Line Facility in Richardson, TX as Test Designer in Billing and Payments Service Test team. Randy Brush shared that Cobb & Associates merged with Haas Engineering to form Haas & Cobb Petroleum Consultants. "I'm now a Senior Advisor with a bit more time to relax," said Randy. Isaac Gian, Weitzman Group; Carolyn Hunter Hale, Reef Exploration; Norma Iacovo, Tenaska Power Services Co. Vice President and General Counsel; Chris Moore, Moore Energy Consulting; Doug Trumbauer who is SVP for Kosmos Energy, Albert Zapanta, City Councilman, City of Irving and President and CEO, US Mexico Chamer of Commerce; Randall Mills, Ant Farm Development Services; Gary McKiddy, Click ‘n Close, Inc., Jaime Robertson, Salt Creek; Howard Shearer, IBM; Jocelyn Spellman, Allstate; and Cynthia Thomas, Berry Petroleum; Paul Tossetti, SP, where Paul co-directs their short term oil market analysis function providing advice to oil companies and financial organizations, and Ken Thompson was in town for the Pioneer Energy Board meeting.

Christine Luttrell, Advancial, presented Tony and Lori Slovak with the door prize. Tony was in IT for 40 years, 20 of them with ARCO, before he retired.

In addition to the ARCO alumni still adding value to a variety of companies, we also had Bob Anderson drive up from Houston; Joyce Jones, Glen Gee and Dan Sneed, former Landmen. Glen is now growing wine grapes. Wine grapes were a topic of the evening, with Ken Thompson talking about exploring wineries around his home in Montecito; Doug and Heather Trumbauer sharing their interest in wine with Ken and with Advancial Business Services Manager Christine Luttrell.

Joyce shares that many of her ARCO coworkers became lifetime friends. Dan Sneed was in fine form keeping everyone laughing with his dry wit. Joyce was helpful in growing attendance spreading the word to other landmen.

New Members

Welcome to our newest members, Albert Zapanta, Glen Gee, Chris Moore and Ed Sierra.

Member Updates

Jose Bird shares that he is a Consultant, Data Science with Dell Technologies since April 2021. Jose retired from Valero Energy as Director Advanced Analytics in November 2020 after 26 years of service. He also completed a PhD in Applied Statistics in May 2012 and taught linear regression analysis and time series analysis courses at UTSA on a part time basis for 5 years.

Mark Berlinger left BP with the sale of the Texas City Refinery in 2012 and spent a few years with Petrobras and Chevron. "I was in HSE, so spent a fair amount of time in the office in Houston. I previously had been at Cooper River Chemicals(SC) for seven years after leaving Alaska. I was in Alaska from 1995 - 2002 (or so) in ACT and Drilling. I worked for Mark Bly, David Blackwood, and Fritz Gunkel (RIP)."

Mark has hiked Everest and sailed the Caribbean for a couple of months earlier in 2023.




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