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Where are they now: Whitney King Featured

Jan 02 2024 Be the first to comment!

Whitney King joined BP Alaska in 2008. In May of 2020, She and her family relocated from Anchorage to Houston where she was working as a Senior Completions Engineer on the Global Well Planning team. By the end of 2020, Whitney was re-invented back into Well Integrity and took leave to have her second daughter.

Whitney is now with BP in Baku, and she and her family are extremely excited. “Moving to Texas was a bit of a shock after living in Alaska for so long,” said Whitney. “We welcomed our third child, a boy, in August of 2022 and decided to research what other locations were available. About 6 months after finding a wind role on the East Coast that did not pan out, we stumbled across the option to move overseas. AGT was a smaller region like Alaska and I had heard great things from families who have lived there. We were excited to travel and visit areas on that side of the world and the kids (age 6/2/almost 1) were at ages that were easy to relocate. We went for it and have loved every moment of it. Nothing will ever compare to Alaska but the culture of BP AGT reminds me of Alaska in many ways.”

“We love it here! The kids love the new school, help with the kids is affordable and amazing, and everyone at the office is very nice. I am very happy we moved here and can't wait to explore more of Baku/Europe/the surrounding area countries.

Our middle child turned three a few months after we arrived and our youngest turned one quite literally a week before we moved. We found a wonderful nanny who the kids love and the adults appreciate all the help she provides around the house. There are extra vacation days and we have just begun to travel/explore this side of the world.”

Everyone I talked to was positive about Baku. - Whitney King

The family travelled from Baku to the U.S. via Amsterdam to visit family in the United States for the holidays. With many long flights, and family in different states from Alaska to Texas and Tennessee, Whitney expects she may need a vacation from her vacation once she returns.

In Baku, they live in Royal Park (the expat community) where the community hosts a big Halloween celebration. Whitney said the main roads close at 5 pm so that kids can walk the streets and trick or treat. “The American tradition is very popular and there are several blocks that are almost all BP families that hand out candy. The locals have happily accepted Halloween and also come out in full force. We now know we need to buy WAY more candy for next year. It was a great night and nice to have so many houses to visit so close to our house.”

I was looking for more of the Alaska feel. I recommend the experience. It is a 10 out of 10. - Whitney King

Take pride in their city and it is very clean. There are many tall buildings, and most people live in tall apartment buildings. There is a mall across the street, and you pass playgrounds everywhere. It is very safe, everyone loves kids and people are very friendly, and family oriented. I would recommend the experience. It is a 10 out of 10.

Baku is on the Caspian Sea and it is very hilly. Downtown has a number of very pretty buildings, and there is an older part of town with the cobblestone streets and older buildings. We are taking language courses so that we can order from a menu and have basic conversations. There is a mix of cultures in Baku, and it is a great place.”

I was looking for more of the Alaska feel  - Whitney King

We will most likely do Christmas in Baku for 2024. I saw one or two houses in Royal Park decorated with external Christmas lights so I am excited to see Christmas decor. For this year, I mailed an extra Christmas tree to my mom’s house to make sure we have Christmas decor in both countries. 


I was looking for more of the Alaska feel; Texas was a culture shock. I like the society and the people, and how kind everyone is. Everyone I talked to was positive about Baku. Moving to Baku, we like the international school system, and it gives us new places to explore including Athens, Istanbul and this is a great way to expose our children to different cultures, foods and experiences.

In terms of careers, I like the small town feel in Baku that is similar to Alaska. Data makes me happy, and in Alaska we were ahead in data and processes, and I have found Baku is also data driven and has great processes . This is enabling me to progress in my career and offers an exciting living experience. The office includes a handful of expats, but it is predominantly locals. On my team, I am the only expat. On the facilities side, there is one expat.


I like the small town feel in Baku  - Whitney King



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