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Mark Your Calendars and if you are in Houston on Wednesday, April 26, log onto Energy Alumni, click Events and RSVP.

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Record snowfall led to the challenges of closed schools and snowed in streets on Wednesday, December 7. Thank you to Bob Valantas, Northern Lights Retiree Club President and Katie Nitzberg-Parmlee, Secretary for hosting the lunch. Our speakers, Walt Bass, VP Finance, COP Alaska and Kara Moriarty, CEO and President, AOGA, shared an update on the industry.

What an amazing turnout for such crazy weather. It shows the determination and grit never leave Alaskan oil and gas employees! 
- Kara Moriarty, AOGA
It was a nice lunch for those hearty enough to make it
- Michael Dyer

A special thank you to our sponsors, Advancial, Northern Lights Retiree Club, ConocoPhillips Alaska, and AOGA who made this event possible.

It was our pleasure to once again include the Food Bank of Alaska at our luncheon. Thank you to everyone who made a donation. If you want to make a donation, or volunteer, visit their website.

Despite the weather obstacles, it was well attended and all seemed to have an enjoyable time  - Tara Stevens, COP



BP Alaska Alumni Adding Value

It was great to see all the generations represented at the happy hour July 21. From our youngest generation to their Moms and Dads, it was great for friends and coworkers to get to meet the latest additions to various BP Alaska alumni families. BP Alaska alumni are adding value at COP, Hilcorp, Santos, and other Anchorage companies. Not to mention the BP Alaska Alumni who continue to work for BP in other locations.

Pictured are Jenny Sutton and her son Archie. Jenny was happy she could bring Archie along, as many of her BP Alaska colleagues had not met him yet. Jenny is a staff reservoir engineer with COP Alaska and won one of the door prizes COP provided to add to the fun of the evening.

It’s so funny that my first bit of COP gear, I got from a BP Alumni event! I am enjoying my COP coffee cup, and I’ve gotten a few envious comments from my colleagues. Overall, what a fun event. I think that was the best part of the event, is getting to hear (or see) everybody’s life updates. - Jenny Sutton, ConocoPhillips Alaska

Some of our BP Alaska alumni relocated and continue working for BP. Winston and Diana Burbank were in town from Houston where Winston is a petroleum engineer working with the BP production support squad.

,James Niedermeyer, Double Shovel Cider Company and Emilie Niedermeyer, an environmental specialist, air quality at Hilcorp Energy and their son, are pictured with Marie Polito, also with Hilcorp Energy where she is a senior information technology systems analyst. 



Advancial Federal Credit Union, with whom many energy industry employees, alumni, and retirees look to for financial services, has opened a new branch on 36th Street in midtown Anchorage. The branch is bright and welcoming, and Amanda and the team invite you to come in and say hello or learn about job opportunities. Not yet a member? Join through Energy Alumni.

If you were at the Energy Alumni happy hour on July 21 at O'Malley's, you know we enjoyed a great time and record turnout. Log on to see all of the pictures. If you are a BP Alaska alumni, and already had a username, you can access Energy Alumni with your BP Alaska username and password.

Save the date for our December luncheon where we will invite industry representatives to discuss the 2023 legislative agenda.

It was great to have over twenty BP Alaska alumni join the website in order to RSVP and attend along with our regulars from ARCO, and some new faces including John and Kristina Hentges, COP alumni and retirees who are members of the Northern Lights Retiree Club.

Bill and Jean Bredar and John and Kristina Hentges are two examples of couples who retired and have stayed in Anchorage. Bill and Jean enjoy the outdoor opportunities Anchorage affords them, and John and Kristina have both of their adult children working in the industry in Anchorage. Life is good!

It is so nice to see so many familiar faces in one place - Tamara Lienheart
Love the pictures!- Pam Almberg

Energy companies represented including Alyeska Pipeline, COP Alaska, Hawk Consulting, Hilcorp Energy, Kakivik, PRA, Santos,and individuals who transitioned from the energy industry to the Alaska Division of Oil and Gas, Alaska School District, Double Shovel Cider Company, GCI, and those energy industry employees who are now retired and were in town to join the fun. 

A special thank you to our sponsors, Advancial, ACS, ConocoPhillips Alaska, Pacific Star Energy and PRA who made this event possible.

Amanda from Advancial, Susie Holly, Becky Stoabs, Kathy Gray and Katie Parmelee were essential in helping pull apart the adhesives from the very challenging name tags and welcoming the crowd to our event. It was our pleasure to include Shelly from the Food Bank of Alaska. Thank you to everyone who made a donation. Shelly was grateful not to have to carry a heavy load of canned goods back to their new location. If you want to make a donation, or volunteer, visit their website.

Great pictures! - Nancy Joseph


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