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Alumni Adding Value

Travis Peltier is a Petroleum Reservoir Engineer with the Division of Oil and Gas, within the Alaska Department of Natural Resources.  In January, Travis went to Juneau twice to testify to SFIN and HFIN about the State of Alaska's Fall 2022 Oil Production Forecast that is published within the Department of Revenue's (DOR) Fall 2022 Revenue Sources Book (RSB). Travis severed from BP Alaska when they left the state, enjoyed seven months off and eventually returned to work in a role similar to what he was doing at BP Alaska and one in which he recognizes the importance of the work his team does for the State of Alaska.

"While looking for my next opportunity and managing the challenges of the pandemic and its impact on employment, I worked for a subsidiary company to NANA, an engineering firm called Kuna" said Travis. "They do some cool work in the mining industry, and I got to do some really awesome field work out at Red Dog Mine drilling geotechnical wells in the creek drainages away from the mine site, but my heart was still in Oil and Gas and I wanted to come back to that."
My heart was still in Oil and Gas and I wanted to come back to that  - Travis Peltier, Alaska Department of Natural Resources

"My team at the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Oil and Gas, develops the oil production forecast over the fall, and shares the forecast with the Alaska Department of Revenue.  The oil production forecast is a critical piece of information needed to help Alaska's legislative bodies understand Alaska's revenue sources over the next decade.  My part in the testimony is to share the forecast, share how the forecast is developed, share results of how oil production turned out relative to the forecast in the most previous fiscal year, and answer any questions that our elected officials on those two committees have as they relate to the production forecast or actual historical production."

The Director of the Division of Oil and Gas, Derek Nottingham, and Commissioner Designee of the Department of Natural Resources, John Boyle, were also both with me and are both former BP Alaska employees as well. It was a very interesting and unique experience being able to testify to both chambers of the legislature, not something that a lot of engineers get the chance to do so I felt very honored to be representing my team!  The testimonies have been recorded on Gavel Alaska Archives. 

It was a very interesting and unique experience being able to testify to both chambers of the legislature  - Travis Peltier, Alaska Department of Natural Resources


The testimonies have been recorded on Gavel Alaska Archives.

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Record snowfall led to the challenges of closed schools and snowed in streets on Wednesday, December 7. Thank you to Bob Valantas, Northern Lights Retiree Club President and Katie Nitzberg-Parmlee, Secretary for hosting the lunch. Our speakers, Walt Bass, VP Finance, COP Alaska and Kara Moriarty, CEO and President, AOGA, shared an update on the industry.

What an amazing turnout for such crazy weather. It shows the determination and grit never leave Alaskan oil and gas employees! 
- Kara Moriarty, AOGA
It was a nice lunch for those hearty enough to make it
- Michael Dyer

A special thank you to our sponsors, Advancial, Northern Lights Retiree Club, ConocoPhillips Alaska, and AOGA who made this event possible.

It was our pleasure to once again include the Food Bank of Alaska at our luncheon. Thank you to everyone who made a donation. If you want to make a donation, or volunteer, visit their website.

Despite the weather obstacles, it was well attended and all seemed to have an enjoyable time  - Tara Stevens, COP



BP Alaska Alumni Adding Value

It was great to see all the generations represented at the happy hour July 21. From our youngest generation to their Moms and Dads, it was great for friends and coworkers to get to meet the latest additions to various BP Alaska alumni families. BP Alaska alumni are adding value at COP, Hilcorp, Santos, and other Anchorage companies. Not to mention the BP Alaska Alumni who continue to work for BP in other locations.

Pictured are Jenny Sutton and her son Archie. Jenny was happy she could bring Archie along, as many of her BP Alaska colleagues had not met him yet. Jenny is a staff reservoir engineer with COP Alaska and won one of the door prizes COP provided to add to the fun of the evening.

It’s so funny that my first bit of COP gear, I got from a BP Alumni event! I am enjoying my COP coffee cup, and I’ve gotten a few envious comments from my colleagues. Overall, what a fun event. I think that was the best part of the event, is getting to hear (or see) everybody’s life updates. - Jenny Sutton, ConocoPhillips Alaska

Some of our BP Alaska alumni relocated and continue working for BP. Winston and Diana Burbank were in town from Houston where Winston is a petroleum engineer working with the BP production support squad.

,James Niedermeyer, Double Shovel Cider Company and Emilie Niedermeyer, an environmental specialist, air quality at Hilcorp Energy and their son, are pictured with Marie Polito, also with Hilcorp Energy where she is a senior information technology systems analyst. 



Advancial Federal Credit Union, with whom many energy industry employees, alumni, and retirees look to for financial services, has opened a new branch on 36th Street in midtown Anchorage. The branch is bright and welcoming, and Amanda and the team invite you to come in and say hello or learn about job opportunities. Not yet a member? Join through Energy Alumni.

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